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Feeling And Looking Younger!

Sassi wants to keep you young and fresh without promoting products that don’t make you look and feel natural. Our technique and style will give you an amazing and youthful look while keeping you as natural as possible. We take pride in honesty and making sure our customers and practitioner communicate effectively about what the patient should expect from their procedure.

Sassi is not a crowded med spa or busy doctors office. The atmosphere is one that is fun, warm and always friendly. We encourage questions and are always one text/call away before and after your procedure for any issues you may have.

$193 for One V.I. Peel with Precision Plus Booster — Sassi Skin

About Jennifer Magnatta

Jeniffer Magnatta

Sassi Skin’s vision is to help both men and women look and feel their best as simply as possible and with the least invasive techniques and products. We are here to help our patients achieve the best value and be happy with the way their skin looks and feels.

What Our Clients Say

I LOVE my work done by Jen! So professional and made me feel super comfortable. Extremely satisfied

Tori L

Jen is an amazing technician and nurse. She is not a Groupon type and has integrity when it comes the product she uses in my skin.

Catherine K

Jenny was so awesome!! She was very professional and I’m so happy I came to her! I had the vi peel with precision

Mandi F

VI Aesthetics Vitamin C vs Competing Vitamin C

A study published in the archives of otolaryngology and head and neck surgery found that participants who used topical vitamin c for three moths experienced a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles and an improvement in skin texture. This was confirmed by a similar study...

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BOTOX = No patient continuity

Patient continuity, or the 'continuous caring relationship' with a health care professional, is something all nurses learn is important in nursing school. Continuity is also vital for patients to receive the highest quality of care. Well… let’s just say it would be...

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Beauty is subjective

I had a first-time client last week whom I was consulting with about some changes she wanted to make. One of the things she said to me was “I used to go to a different nurse for my cosmetics but I’m thinking I would like to try you instead”. I said to her “Wow, I’ve...

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